About us

When founded in 1999, the core of the company was made up of a group of highly experienced professionals, who by then had been working in the filmmaking industry with the set decorator, Ági Menyhárt, for many years. In addition to the next generation of her family, numerous ambitious and agile new people have since joined the company, thus creating a multigenerational team with considerable work experience and a dynamic and fresh attitude. 

We work on movies, short films, commercials, photo shoots and music videos. We are keen supporters of the new generation of filmmakers. 

A 2300 sq m warehouse for furniture and an 870 sq m one for props and accessories, trucks, a swing gang, prop masters and set decorators provide a solid base for our work.

The warehouse items that you will find on our website are only a fraction of our stock. If you are interested in the full list of items available, including props and accesories, please do not hesitate to contact us and visit our warehouse in Budapest.